Four rural water supply projects allocated for Julau, says MP Larry Sng

SIBU, March 24 — The Rural and Regional Development Ministry (KKWD) will implement four rural water supply projects (BALB) in the Julau constituency soon.

Julau MP Datuk Larry Sng said he was informed about the projects during the parliamentary session on March 20.

According to him, the BALB project under Julau Phase II is currently at the design stage, handled by the consultant appointed by the KKWD.

“Upon completion, this project should benefit 2,028 ‘biliks’ (longhouse units) in Julau and its surrounding areas,” he said.

Moreover, Sng said the second BALB project would be in the Nanga Lasi area, also at the preliminary design process, and upon completion, it should benefit 451 doors.

The third BALB project would be in Lemujan, Wak and Pedanum areas in Pakan District, said the MP.

“This is currently at the stage of preparing the terms of reference. This project is set for providing clean water to 792 doors.”

As for the fourth project, Sng said KKWD had informed that it would build an alternation BALB system, with the project currently at the stage of preparing the terms of reference.

“KKWD is currently working to help speed up coverage and bridge the gap in the supply of clean and treated water in rural areas.

“When this project is completed, it is expected to benefit 417 doors encompassing Julau, Pakan and Sarikei districts.

“Hopefully, the works would run smoothly and be implemented immediately so that the people in this area could enjoy uninterrupted water supply,” said Sng. — The Borneo Post




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