Missing nursing student in Kedah: Mother says Nor Diana maybe under control of unknown individual 

TUMPAT, March 21 — The mother of Nor Diana Mohd Najib, 21, a teenage girl who was believed to have been missing for the past three weeks in Alor Setar, Kedah does not rule out the possibility that her daughter is being ‘controlled’ by an unknown individual.

Maznah Ismail, 44, said it was a mother’s instinct to feel that way after she was contacted by Nor Diana Mohd Najib, 21, at around 11am yesterday, saying she was safe in Pasir Gudang, Johor.

She was also contacted by the police of Seri Alam Station in Johor saying that her daughter had made a police report at 2 this morning by denying the report made by Maznah earlier and insisting that she is now safe and wants to stop studying and look for work.

“When talking to Nor Diana) yesterday, my gut instinct was strong that she was not her real self. In fact, she is a very cheerful person but she only answered my questions one word at a time as if there were other ‘individuals’ close to her.

“I also asked my daughter if she wanted to go home and meet me? She just said yes. In addition, I also offered to pick it up in Johor but was ignored,” she told Bernama today.

Commenting further, Maznah said that she and her husband Mohd Najib Hussin, 46, are now at a loss to bring Nor Diana back, even the number that Nor Diana used to contact her yesterday is also now unreachable.

“After speaking for about seven minutes with Nor Diana yesterday, I tried to call her again after about half an hour of the conversation but the line could not be connected and the message sent on WhatsApp was also not received by Nor Diana.

“I also contacted Nor Diana’s adopted sister known as ‘Ika’ since Nor Diana had lived with her before but Ika replied that Nor Diana had run away after the story of her disappearance went viral,” she said while adding that they met on Instagram.

Previously, the media reported that a first-year Nursing Diploma student at the Ministry of Health Malaysia’s Training Institute in Alor Setar was reported missing since February 29.

Nor Diana, was supposed to return to her family’s house at Perumahan KTMB Tumpat, here, on February 29 during the mid-semester break, but did not do so and could not be found by her family. — Bernama




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