Johor Umno Youth chief: ‘Allah’ socks issue can be positive opportunity for Malaysians to understand each other

JOHOR BARU, March 20 — Contrary to the stance of Umno Youth national leadership, its Johor chapter chief has instead expressed hope that the issue involving socks printed with the word “Allah” can be an opportunity to forge a better understanding among all Malaysians.

Amid calls for a boycott, Johor Umno Youth chief Noor Azleen Ambros instead reminded the public that Prophet Muhammad teaches Muslims to think positively of others and to give the benefit of the doubt.

“In the KK Mart issue, if we give them the benefit of the doubt, we try to think positively. If we can accept that it was a genuine and honest mistake, it will lead us to the second thing — which is about understanding.

“An incident like this actually opens up an opportunity for all of us to increase our understanding of each other,” said Noor Azleen in a statement here.

Noor Azleen said in such a situation, having a better understanding is important as it will lead to respecting one another.

He added that the incident should be taken as an opportunity for Muslims to spread a better understanding of Allah, including how high and noble the word of God is, which would then lead to respect.

“Managing incidents like this will naturally invite feelings of hatred and respect,” he said.

“So, our manners, moral values, and the choice of our words when we speak will all ultimately reflect on Islam, which is full of peaceful and pure values that deserve respect from non-Muslims as well as the multiracial society in Malaysia.”

This came after Umno Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh yesterday reaffirmed his stance on boycotting KK Mart — saying that Umno firmly defends Islam, the Bumiputera, and the Malay Rulers, and boycotting the convenience store is not an incitement.

Yesterday, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Ibrahim expressed his disappointment and displeasure over the incident of socks printed with the word “Allah” found for sale at convenience store chain KK Mart.

The police said they had taken statements from eight individuals, including the owner and founder of KK Supermart and Superstore Sdn Bhd, in an investigation under Section 298A of the Penal Code and Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

Manufacturer Xin Jiang Chang Sdn Bhd had said that it is seeking advice on whether it can take legal action against China-based supplier Mu Mian Qing Hosiery Co Ltd for supplying the controversial five pairs, but has reportedly today ceased operations after receiving violent threats that include burning down the factory and endangering lives.




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