Residents in Sarawak’s Siburan neighbourhood bracing for floods

SERIAN, Jan 17 — Residents along Lorong 6 of Taman Sentah Indah in Siburan here are bracing for flash floods, as heavy rain had continued on since around 4pm yesterday.

It was observed that the water level at the area began to rise at around 6pm.

It could be seen that the residents were moving their vehicles and parking them at a more elevated area, situated at a commercial centre not far from Taman Sentah Indah.

At the time of writing, the water level over Lorong 6 was almost knee-deep, but it had yet to enter the houses.

“Usually during this time of the year, there will be a heavy rain, followed by a light but consistent drizzle — this is when we need to watch out.

“We evacuated our cars, and try to barricade the entrance to our home to prevent water from coming into the house,” said one of the residents, who wished to be called only as ‘Hazel’. — Borneo Post Online



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