Kuching top cop: Involvement in crime a big no for any PDRM member

KUCHING, Jan 17 — Involvement in criminal activities is a big no for any member of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM).

In reinforcing this stand, Kuching District police chief ACP Ahsmon Bajah also underscores his commitment to upholding the integrity and discipline of his team, and maintaining a crime-free force.

“If we lack discipline and good governance, even with the slightest compromise on integrity, it would be detrimental to our mission and tarnish our reputation.

“Such thing (Involvement in crime) also distracts us from fulfilling our duties as law enforcers.

“As the Kuching District police chief, I assert here: ‘No way’!

“We must put a stop to this,” he said during a press conference held at the Senior Police Officer’s Mess Hall of the Sarawak Contingent Police Headquarters (IPK) here yesterday.

Prior to that, there was an oath-taking ceremony involving 130 senior officers including heads of departments, station chiefs and senior supervisors from various units and branches within the jurisdiction of Kuching district.

On this, Ahsmon said the oath-taking signified the efforts to strengthen the discipline, integrity and good governance among the officers, members and the communities under PDRM Kuching District.

“The most crucial aspect was that we took the corruption-free pledge for the first time.

“Today, we did not just sign a document of commitment of staying away from drugs, staying away from bribery, and complying fully with the Official Secrets Act; we actually vocalised the pledge in the presence of the top brass of the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) Sarawak.

“This shows our firm and serious stance on this matter,” he added.

During the press conference, Ahsmon acknowledged the challenges faced by the force last year, when three police officers from the Kuching District were dismissed.

He also revealed that 25 Kuching District police personnel had been prosecuted for being involved in various offences such as corruption, drug abuse and those falling under the jurisdiction of syariah law.

“Of the 25, four were senior officers, 20 were those in the lower ranks, and one was a civil servant. A total of 133 others were involved in minor misconduct or internal disciplinary problems,” he said. — Borneo Post Online



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