Mat Sabu: Red Sea tensions not expected to impact country’s agriculture, food sectors 

PUTRAJAYA, Jan 16 — Tensions in the Red Sea are not expected to impact the country’s agriculture and food sectors, said Agriculture and Food Security Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu.

He said this is because the Red Sea route is commonly used for oil trade.

“…we don’t import a lot of agriculture stuff from that area (Red Sea), unlike the Ukraine and Russia conflict (that affected the import of) grain or corn,” he told reporters after delivering the New Year’s message to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security personnel, here, today.

Mohamad said the ministry would continue to monitor the impacts of the tensions, which are expected to be observed in the coming weeks.

The United States military is reported to have claimed that they had thwarted dozens of drone and missile attacks fired by the Houthi militia group in Yemen targeting vessels plying the Red Sea.

According to a statement from the Pentagon’s Central Command on social media, there is no report of damage or injuries following the attacks.

The Houthis have been reported to have claimed responsibility for launching missiles targeting shipping in the Red Sea, including firing drones towards Israel as a sign of solidarity with Gaza. — Bernama



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