Floods: Chairman of Kg Rancangan Cocos JPKK in Paitan turns her house into relief centre

PAITAN, Jan 15 — The chairman of the Kampung Rancangan Cocos’ Village Development and Security Committee (JPKK) has taken the initiative to convert her house into a temporary relief centre whenever the village is hit by floods.

In fact, Dalitta Dally, 47, said her house used to be a temporary shelter for her relatives as it was not only spacious but perched on higher ground.

“Previously, before I became the JPKK chairman, my home was indeed on the highest area in this village,” she said when interviewed by Bernama at her home her today.

“So my father and I took the initiative to ask our relatives whose houses had been affected by floods to move into our house.”

Paitan, a sub-district in the Beluran district, is located in the interior of Sabah and is about 240 kilometres east of Kota Kinabalu.

Dalitta said so far, a total of 26 families have been temporarily evacuated to her house, which can accommodate up to 40 families, since floods hit the village yesterday.

Although the welfare of flood victims who had been evacuated to her house is good, there are some issues regarding uncomfortable conditions affecting the elderly.

“We understand there are senior citizens who are unable to sleep on the floor, so our family tries to provide them with mattresses to make them comfortable,” she explained.

One wheelchair bound senior citizen chose not to move to the JPKK chairman’s house, but instead sleeps in his four-wheel vehicle.

Despite his advanced age and inability to walk, pensioner Taip Mahid, 78, thinks there are victims whose plights are worse than his, so he rather gives them, including his family members, the opportunity to stay at the JPKK chairman’s house.

“As long as I am able, I would rather give others a chance (to stay at the JPKK house). After all, living in a car is comfortable too and at night the area is illuminated by lights from the surrounding houses as well as from streetlights,” he said.

Taip, who owns an oil palm plantation, also hopes that the government can consider appropriate assistance for the flood victims in the village who are not only faced with property damage, but also damage to their oil palm crops due to the rising flood waters in their respective fields. – Bernama



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