Armizan: Payung Rahmah concept extended to include private sector, industries’ participation

PUTRAJAYA, Jan 12 — The Payung Rahmah concept is being expanded through the introduction of the Ihsan Rahmah initiative with the participation of the private sector and industries, Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister (KPDN) Datuk Armizan Mohd Ali said.

Through this initiative, he said the private sector and industries have the opportunity to implement any form of charitable programmes for the community and workers by offering discounts, rebates and cash returns.

Armizan said the government has endorsed the idea that the Payung Rahmah concept in 2024 extends beyond government initiatives to allow the private sector and industries to introduce their own programmes, based on the Payung Rahmah implementation guidelines.

“This is in response to requests from the private sector and industries keen on implementing such initiatives within their communities and among their employees,” he told a press conference after the ministry’s New Year Address ceremony today.

Armizan said the involvement of the private sector and industries will help the government address the challenges of the cost of living which will be beneficial for the country’s entire population.

“For this year, RM200 million has been allocated for the execution of the Payung Rahmah programme. However, it is deemed impractical to cater to over 30 million citizens with this amount alone. Hence, we are extending an invitation for involvement from the private sector and industries,” he said.

In 2023, KPDN implemented five initiatives under the Payung Rahmah concept, namely the Rahmah Sales Programme (PJR), Rahmah Menu, Rahmah Basket, Rahmah Café and Rahmah Packages.

Regarding the PJR introduced last January, Armizan said the schedule for PJR is available on the official KPDN portal at for the public to be aware of the PJR dates and locations in advance.

“We have also decided to include fresh produce in PJR, organise Ihsan Rahmah Sales programmes (PJIR) during festive seasons and expand Ramadan bazaars further,” he said. — Bernama



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