DAP MP forgives perpetrators who set fire to his home while he was sleeping

MANJUNG, Jan 10 — Beruas MP Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham, whose house and vehicles at his Ayer Tawar house in Perak were damaged in a predawn fire today, said he has forgiven the perpetrator who threw a Molotov cocktail that started the blaze.

Ngeh said that the individual could have been instigated by others into committing the crime.

“I forgive those who want to burn my cars, house and even harm my family if they have been misled by falsehood and instigated by others to hate and commit violence.

“As a lawyer for 38 years and have been in public service for 33 years, I know it is never a happy life to live if we are involved in a crime and live in fear.

“I invite them to turn over a new leaf, be a good citizen and don’t cause worries to your families. Your family members love you and when you are involved in a crime, it causes them much pain, sleepless nights and endless worries,” he said in a press conference held at his parliamentary service centre here.




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