Stats Dept’s ‘flying squad’ to assist Padu registration in interiors of Kedah

ALOR SETAR, Jan 9 ― The Department of Statistics Malaysia (DoSM) is mobilising its ‘flying squad’ team in Kedah to the rural and interior areas in the state with no access to internet service in an effort to get all Malaysians to register with the Central Data Base Centre (Padu).

Its Kedah director, Nadia Marzuki said this is because the response from the Kedah people in updating their information at Padu is still low, especially from those in the rural and interior areas.

“This is the main challenge facing Kedah DoSM, especially in the rural areas with the limitations of information and digital literacy,” she told Bernama.

She said as of last January 5, only 39,500 or 2.6 per cent of the Kedah population aged 18 and above had registered with Padu and updated their information.

She advised the public to not delay updating their information in the system to ensure those who are eligible for government assistance do not fall out of receiving the targeted subsidies or social aid from the government.

To facilitate Padu registration by the public, she said the Kedah DoSM has opened Padu counters at 12 selected Digital Economy Centres (PEDi) in each district, in addition to holding a series of tours at PEDi in rural areas.

“Information about the tour series at PEDi will be notified in advance through the ‘Info On Wheel’ by the Kedah State Information Department,” she said.

Kedah residents aged 18 and above are requested to update their personal information online at and those who need assistance can come to the Padu counter with the necessary documents.

Padu registration is open to the public from January 2 to March 31and users can update and verify 30 personal details including ID card number, household number and residential address. ― Bernama



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