BMI: Demand for local trials to bolster Malaysia’s clinical research facilities

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 9 ― Malaysia will see an expansion of its clinical research facilities and capabilities as demand for local trials increases, said BMI Research today.

The Fitch Solutions research unit said the regulatory environment will continue to evolve to support the growing clinical trial ecosystem, and Malaysia also aims to forge stronger partnerships and collaborations with international pharmaceutical companies, research institutions and regulatory bodies.

“Seeing the success of major pharmaceutical companies like Roche, more drugmakers will choose to invest in clinical trials in Malaysia, boosting the country’s pharmaceutical sector,” BMI said in its research note today.

On January 4, Roche initiated its pioneering first-in-human (FIH) clinical trials for a rheumatology indication in Malaysia, marking the country as the first country within the Asia-Pacific region to participate in such studies and positioning Malaysia as the seventh global participant in Roche’s research efforts.

Since 2012, Roche has demonstrated its commitment to advancing medical research in Malaysia through an investment of approximately RM190 million (US$40.9 million) in clinical trials.

BMI said the launch of Roche’s global FIH trial for a rheumatology indication in Malaysia strongly affirmed the country’s burgeoning clinical research expertise.

It pointed out that Malaysia’s clinical trial landscape has experienced remarkable growth, hosting over 2,300 sponsored clinical studies to date since the inception of Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) in 2012.

“The country is increasingly being recognised by drugmakers for its capacity to conduct multi-regional clinical trials, bolstered by world-class investigators, robust, well-established infrastructure and a stringent regulatory framework prioritising patient safety,” said BMI. ― Bernama



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