Johor floods: Rainy weather persists as Kota Tinggi town centre ‘paralysed’

KOTA TINGGI, Jan 8 — Continuous rain and high tides leading to chest-level flooding have paralysed daily activities in the town centre here.

With the rainy weather showing no signs of abating, Bernama checks by boat at noon today found that floodwaters have risen to a height of 1.5 metres on Jalan Indah, Jalan Jaafar, Jalan Niaga Utama, Jalan Johor near Arked Mara, Taman Kota Mas and Jalan Tambatan.

Jalan Semanggar leading to Sekolah Menengah Jalan Tun Habab is also impassable due to strong water currents, while Jalan Tun Sri Lanang is closed to all types of vehicles as it is submerged in water up to 0.6 metres deep over a distance of 650 metres.

Also inundated were Sekolah Agama Bandar and Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar, and various agencies, including the Fire and Rescue Department have been tirelessly going about evacuating those who were still stranded in shoplots around town.

In Taman Kemang nearby, residents have had to endure darkness for several hours before they were evacuated by rescue teams.

Noordiyana Zakaria, 33, said her family, including her mother, sister and five-year-old child, found themselves trapped at home after floodwaters rose quickly last night.

She said rescuers had come over last night, but her mother wanted to wait for her to come back from town before they evacuated to the temporary relief centre.

“I arrived home 20 minutes later, by then, the area around Kampung Kelantan was already flooded up to thigh level. We left because we were worried, the water showed no signs of receding and kept rising.

“When we left the house, the water level outside the house was already at chest level,” she told newsmen after the flood rescue operation in the area.

Meanwhile, government retiree, Ahmad Sujang said floodwaters rose more rapidly compared to the flood incident in March last year.

“The water rose just too fast yesterday evening. In just three hours, floodwater had entered the house.

“This time, the flood is far worse compared to the one last year. If last year, we had time to raise and save what was important. All electrical items could not be saved; I only thought of saving lives,” he said.

As of 1pm today, the number of flood victims Johor increased to 7,959 people placed in 53 relief centres compared to 6,564 people in 51 relief centres at 8am. — Bernama



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