Advisory group urges HR Ministry to perform audit on all employers to stop foreign worker exploitation

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 8 — The Social Protection Contributor Advisory Association Malaysia (SPCAAM) today urged the government to perform an audit on every employer who hires foreign workers to ensure they have complied with the law and are treating foreign workers humanely.

SPCAAM’s International Labour Advisor Callistus Antony D’Angelus said that employers or businesses who have violated the law on foreign workers should be charged.

“The exploitation of foreign workers has a direct impact on local Malaysian workers, where the workforce as a whole gets exploited.

“Wages are depressed, working conditions do not improve, and it becomes a perennial race to the bottom.

“An overhaul of the industrial relations framework in the country is necessary, and most important is to allow for the ease of representation of foreign and local workers by trade unions,” D’Angelus said in a statement.

D’Angelus also pointed out that foreign workers in Malaysia have been openly exploited for the past few decades.

“They have been treated as chattel and subject to slave like working conditions.

“These workers are from poor countries such as Bangladesh, and have little recourse due to their economic conditions,” he added.



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