Iban singer’s widow forgives family of man who blocked ambulance transporting her husband in Sarawak

KUCHING, Jan 7 — Annie Andrew, the widow of the late Iban singer Morgan Alban, has chosen to forgive the family of the man who obstructed the ambulance transporting her husband, in an incident that occurred last Friday (January 5).

The case had gone viral on social media since then, triggering various comments from netizens, including those about Morgan being denied any medical attention, due to the delay caused by the ambulance being blocked at a section of Jalan Sri Aman, near here.

Annie, in a post on her Facebook account, announced her acceptance of the apology extended by the family of the driver, said to have blocked the ambulance that was transporting her husband.

She acknowledged that the man, in his 60s, had chronic hearing impairment as diagnosed by a specialist in 2017, and understood that this could be the reason why he did not move his car to make way for the ambulance to pass through.

However, Annie also called upon the man’s family to no longer allow him to drive on his own, in view of his condition.

“If there’s any urgency for him to drive, make sure that he is wearing a hearing aid.

“The gravity of such a situation extends beyond its immediate impact; this incident could occur again and pose danger to other people,” wrote Annie, with her message being addressed to the man’s daughter.

On another related matter, Annie called upon everyone to be mindful in posting comments about the incident.

She was referring to a remark by one netizen, who pointed out that based on the dashcam timestamp, the delay caused by the car driver only lasted less than a minute.

“Would the ambulance have reached the hospital/clinic in time if it was not blocked by the car?

“Answer is no, because the ambulance’s still far from any medical facility at the time of the incident,” wrote the netizen.

On this, Annie wrote: “I have just lost my husband.

“For me, every moment, even one second, is precious.

“I have small children, one aged two and the other aged one. They’re still too young to remember their time with their father. They would never see him again, nor feel his love and presence.

“In saying this, please be mindful with your words.”

It is informed that the late Morgan would be laid to rest in the St Lawrence Christian cemetery at Sabu in Simanggang tomorrow.

It was reported yesterday that a man was fined by police over blocking the way for an ambulance to pass through at KM6 of Jalan Sri Aman-Kuching, of which a video clip of the incident had gone viral on social media.

Sri Aman District police chief DSP Mathew Manggie said police came across the footage at around 3pm on Friday, and promptly acted to trace the driver. — Borneo Post



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