Senior Fellow: Easy access, reliability and accuracy will ensure Padu database’s success

KUCHING, Jan 6 — Ease of registration access, data reliability and accuracy will ensure the success of the Central Database Hub (Padu) system, said Senior Fellow at the Malaysian Future Institute (Masa) Datuk Madeline Berma.

“In order to achieve near real-time goals, data must be consistently updated and it is also crucial to have a user-friendly platform that integrates various databases,” she said to Utusan Borneo, The Borneo Post’s sister paper.

She further emphasised the importance of involving not only the government, but also the private sectors, the non-governmental organisations, religious institutions, and community leaders to disseminate information on the Padu system to the society.

“This includes educating them on how to fill out online information to register for Padu, and this is essential in order to avoid anyone from being left behind,” she said.

In addressing the public’s concerns of data privacy issues, Madeline assured that the federal government has implemented laws that safeguard and regulate the processing of personal data.

“There are laws in place to ensure the security of personal data. To ensure the safety of personal data, we have the Omnibus Act and the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (Act 709),” she said.

This Act, she added, serves as a form of cyber legislation, specifically introduced to prevent the misuse of public personal data for commercial purposes.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim officially launched the Central Database Hub system (Padu) on January 2, paving the way towards a fairer distribution of targeted subsidies for Malaysians in need.

Padu will play a crucial role as the provider of a secure and comprehensive national database, enabling more precise data analytics and decision-making processes through data integration.

This initiative is poised to bring about increased efficiency, transparency, and security in managing public data at a national level. — Borneo Post Online



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